Welcome Aboard

OnThe QE2Hello and welcome aboard! My name is Mark, and I’m what you might call an “ocean liner aficionado,” or to put it little more bluntly, a hardcore “liner loonie” or “ship geek.” I contracted an advanced case of Ocean Liner Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (“OLOCD”) at the tender age of 8 when a chance viewing of The Last Voyage on NBC Saturday Night at the Movies indoctrinated me into the superb aesthetics of 20th century liner travel via the splendor of France’s masterpiece, the Ile de France. I couldn’t have cared less about the plot as I was too busy taking in all the gorgeous paneling, light fixtures, furniture, and pretty much everything about the ship itself. Take a look:

A little while later, I read Walter Lord’s A Night to Remember, the definitive account of the sinking of the ill-fated Titanic which further fueled my fascination with ocean travel. And then this little ditty sealed the deal for me when I was in high school:

In a time before YouTube or even VCRs, I saw this film at least 12 times–in the theater. So here I am, still blissfully obsessed as I collect ocean liner memorabilia, furnishings, artwork, ephemera, photos, slides, and even other people’s home movies which I transfer and edit for my YouTube channel (see link above). I hope you enjoy your visit to my silly little self-indulgent website. Bon Voyage!